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Third-party Advisors and Their Firms


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We’ve been helping advisors deliver the best possible advice and investment solutions since 1967 – ensuring that their clients are equipped to achieve better outcomes. Our journey as a global asset manager began with one client and one advisor working together. Though we’ve grown, we remain committed to the same belief: working together makes us all better and creates better results for all.

Helping investors address new market realities takes combined efforts and insights. But while reasonable fees and strong performance are a must, trust is what keeps clients engaged. Earning and keeping that trust means that advisors must consistently demonstrate that they are expert “go-to” partners.

That’s where Mackenzie comes in. We believe in the power of best-in-class advice. We’re also committed to standing behind that advice, so that no advisor has to do it alone. Through our continued help and support, our advisors gain intimate knowledge about the industry and our funds, enabling them to provide the best possible investment advice.

+ Consultative Expert Approach

Comprehensive and dedicated practice management, combined with tax planning support, is crucial to addressing changing market needs. That’s why we strategically align investors with advisors that provide 1-on-1 consulting on key investment matters including:

• Portfolio construction strategies

• Investment philosophies

• Tax and estate matters

• Private wealth counsel 

+ Mackenzie Institute

Knowledge builds confidence. That’s why we focus on helping advisors and investors stay on top of the latest insights and tools, and give them access to related events and training. We make it easy to find and learn the latest about investment trends and everything there is to know about our funds. This way, everyone can make better investment decisions together.

+ Knowledge

Good investment decisions and performance require a broad shelf and a focused investment philosophy. Our innovative, comprehensive lineup of investment solutions covers all asset classes and parts of the globe. We offer a range of relevant products and investment solutions designed to help advisors meet the needs of evolving client demographics, such as:

• Female investors

• Aging boomers

• Children of boomers

• High-net-worth families

* As of September 30, 2019

Our commitment to supporting advisors and helping investors achieve better outcomes remain as strong as ever.